Tips for Organizing Your Wedding In Venice

Venice, being one of the most romantic destinations in Europe and the entire world, has gained a reputation of an ideal spot to hold a wedding ceremony. Everyone will agree that getting married is one of the most important events of a lifetime. To make the wedding ceremony as memorable as possible, you should first of all choose the right destination, which will meet all your needs. Venice has all the rights to hold the title of a wedding spot, which will impress not only the newlyweds, but also the guests and will leave indelible memories. Even if you have been to this timeless and unique city before, after each visit, you’ll stare at familiar spots with a new appreciation. Venice is the city, where everyone can seek inspiration strolling around the famous Grand Canal, Rialto Bridge and hidden, nondescript alleys. Venice is also famous for its diverse attractions from nightclubs, casinos and bars to museums, theatres and, of course, the phenomenal Venetian shops. The impressions of romantic waterways, The Doge’s Palace, charming piazzas and the silence of quaint churches cannot be replicated anywhere else.

Tips for Organizing Your Wedding In Venice

This city is famous for its gorgeous palazzos, unforgettable atmosphere and gondola rides through the canals and also its sometimes unjustifiably overpriced attractions. A wedding ceremony in Venice can also be considered a pricey delight, but if you take into account what you get, it’s really worth it.

Despite the prices, the amount of the people who want to get married in Venice is constantly increasing. Even if most of the people can’t afford a wedding here, they still choose Venice as their honeymoon destination. Most of the weddings take place during the weekends and holidays, and if you really want to have your most important ceremony at the weekend, you should keep in mind, that it’s not going to be cheap. For the other days of the year the ceremonies may be even free, because the locals only get married on common days.


Almost all tour operators and travel agencies help to organize wedding ceremonies in Venice. They help with the preparation of the necessary documents, with the accommodation and they will even meet the couple with flowers and champagne at the airport. In most cases the newlyweds prefer to rent costumes and dresses instead of bringing them with them. In case you don’t know either English or Italian, you are offered a service of a translator alongside the services of hairdressers and makeup artists.

The wedding ceremony cannot be completed without a walk in Piazza San Marco, which is especially charming in the evenings, when thousands of lights are lit and the music fills the air with melancholy, nostalgia and romance. You will hardly notice how the time passes in this marvelous canal city, especially when you are with your beloved one.

To make your big day even more memorable you can get married during the famous Carnival of Venice. Wallow in the historical atmosphere of the city with the accompaniment of romantic songs getting to the cathedral on a gondola. This is a perfect option to snap unbelievable photos.

No matter you are having a civil or a religious ceremony, you don’t have to take all your relatives and friends to Venice, because that will be a big deal, instead you can invite only the closest ones and the celebration will cause less troubles. Another option is to register the wedding in your motherland and to hold the ceremony in Venice, because what is really important is the festivity, not the registration. A great option is to have a wedding in Basilica di San Marco and then celebrate the wedding in an old Venetian house or in a rented palace, like Ca’ Vendramin Calergi or Palazzo Cavalli. The reception with flowers, drinks and gorgeous dresses will make the day special. Venetian chefs will prepare the finest dishes, especially the cake is worth mentioning, because it will decidedly be a real work of art.

Those who want to avoid the crowds of tourists and to have the real taste of Venice can choose Garden Palace for reception. One of the advantages of this hotel is its location. This medieval Palatial building is 20 minutes from San Marco, which makes the planning of the wedding ceremony much easier, especially if you intend to invite more guests. You will appreciate many photo ops in the historical garden, which features luxuriant plants and splendid flowers. Here you can perform symbolic ceremonies as well as civil and religious weddings.

Another great place to hold the reception is Canal Terrace, which overlooks the Gran Canal. The tranquil atmosphere of the hotel and its delightful grace will complement the exquisite ceremony. What can be more impressing than celebrating your most important day with your dear ones in the outdoor terrace overlooking the Grand Canal? The only thing you should keep in mind is that dancing is not allowed in order not to spoil the relaxed ambience of the hotel.

Cipriani Luxury Hotel is the right place for those, who want to mark the occasion surrounded with period décor, antiques and glistening marble and luxurious silk. The hotel enjoys an ideal location near St. Mark and is not very far from Marco Polo airport. The comprehensive offer of impeccable services and the extraordinary scene that unfolds before you make this hotel an ideal honeymoon retreat. Dancing is allowed, but the music must stop at midnight.

Historical Cafè Restaurant is situated in the heart of Venice and offers wedding banquets to suit all your requirements. Famous for the best cocktails Bellini or Rossini, the restaurant offers also a soft jazz band to provide cozy and elegant ambience. A better option is to reserve tables with dramatic views of St. Mark’s square. It’s also worth mentioning that accommodation is not available at this venue, since it only offers banquets.

The tastefully decorated Theatre Hotel in Venice is a great wedding venue, where the main event hall decorated with fine frescoes, precious fabrics and amber-colored mirrors offers several salons of various sizes to match the needs of every occasion. In warm weather small wedding parties can be organized in waterfront terrace with magnificent views of the Grand Canal. Traditional Venetian cuisine, soft music and accommodation with classic modern style are on offer too.

Tiepolo Luxury Palace is just a stone’s throw from the Rialto Bridge and resembles a museum with unhurried luxury. The frescoed ceiling, delicately blown glass, glistening marble and beautiful antiques create a unique atmosphere for intimate candlelight dinners and symbolic wedding ceremonies. The cuisine features Mediterranean creativity and Venetian traditions. What regards the management, it’s professional enough to satisfy the most demanding couples.

Those who want to celebrate their wedding in an extraordinary setting, in privacy can choose Venetian Locanda, which is located on a tranquil island in the Venetian lagoon. It’s a 30-minute boat ride from the crowded city of Venice, but is a very quiet one, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Many celebrities choose this restaurant for its intimate atmosphere and the outdoor dining in the charming garden of roses, tulips, daisies.

Secret Courtyard is a former antique spice shop, which has been refined as an exquisite restaurant in the heart of the city and still retains the atmosphere of bygone days. Both the locals and visitors like to savour the delicious Venetian dishes accompanied with the finest selection of wines at this prize-winner in the gourmet field. The multilingual speaking staff, the famous vinery and the cuisine with finest Venetian touches are just a few elements contributing to the international fame of the restaurant.