Tips for Safe Travel Wherever You Go

If you take precautionary measures when you travel to distant countries, nothing can be dangerous or unsafe. Read on for our list of tips for safe travel wherever you go and follow them during your trip not to get into trouble.

Tips for Safe Travel Wherever You Go

1. Look Back

It’s not surprising that you carry more stuff while travelling, so losing something is more likely. In order not to leave your personal belongings anywhere, get the habit of looking back wherever you go.

2. Never Carry All Your Money With You

Try to separate your money when you are on holiday. Don’t keep all your credit cards and cash in the same wallet, because if you lose them all at once, it won’t be fun. One more thing, if you have planned a shopping or an excursion during the day, leave at least a part of your money at your hotel room. Carrying all the money with you, which you aren’t going to use anyway, isn’t that right.

3. Never Keep Money in Your Back Pocket

A wallet in the back pocket is one of the most attractive things for pickpockets. The inside pocket is the safest place to keep the wallet or necessary documents. Money belts are also a good option.

4. Scan All Your Major Documents

The photocopies of important documents are so last decade, you’d better scan them and email to yourself. It’s a safer option to have the passport and visas on your hands even if your bags go missing.

5. Don’t Trust Strangers

Of course you don’t need to turn any stranger you meet into an object of suspicion, but there are limits to how much you should trust the local who invites you somewhere to have a drink (you are more likely to pay for the drinks). Many tourists like strolling around and chatting with locals, but going with them into a strange area at night, is not the best thing to do in a foreign country.

7. Vaccination is a Must

Vaccinations and immunisations are very important precautions, especially when you are travelling in malaria-prevalent areas. To make an informed decision about health precautions, consult with your doctor before you leave.

8. Avoid Looking Reacher Than the Locals

Don’t look too touristy when travelling abroad. Never advertise your financial condition by wearing expensive jewellery or carrying a camera too fansy to be cheap. You’ll definitely attract some thieves, who usually stroll around famous tourist attractions.

9. Don’t Give to Beggars

Besides the fact that encouraging begging isn’t the best way to help the humans, there is also the risk to attract thieves. When you take out your wallet and give some money to the beggar, this may define you as a rich tourist.

10. Don’t Touch or Feed Stray Animals

It’s a matter of personal security. Stray dogs may have big teeth, so stay away from them not to leave your finger in their month. Don’t feed monkeys or cats as well, you are likely to catch some rabies and other fun infections.