Top Places to Visit In The World for Extreme Eating

Do you yourself an extremist? Well how about planning a new exciting trip? Check out the world’s top places to visit for extreme eating and spend incredible time while tasting extravagant dishes!

Top Places to Visit In The World for Extreme Eating

Rocky Mountain Montana, USA

This is a place well known for its weird menu. Did you know that deep-fried testicles of young bulls can be found in almost any restaurant in Rocky Mountains? Although only the thought of eating testicles of bullies might make some of us freak out it is an old tradition among ranchers. In fact there’s even a Testicle Festival that’s being celebrated every year.

Oaxaca, Mexico

According to scientists insects will be considered a rich source of protein someday in the future. Well, these are some great news for people who live in Oaxaca! Here grasshoppers (known as chapulines) are some sort of snacks. They usually serve it with salt and chilli for extra crunch.


Balu is fertilized egg that’s a delicacy in Philippines. You can find it served as a street food, boiled in the shell, spiced and combined with vinegar. What an exotic way to satisfy hunger!

Hong Kong, China

Well, you might have heard how Chinese people love snake soup as it the first experience tourists share after their trip. The latter is a traditional dish in Hong Kong that’s being served hot with tofu and mushroom. It is also important to mention that according to the traditional recipe it must contain meat from at least two types of snakes.

Sardinia, Italy

There’s a stereotype according to which you can find insects in the menu only in exotic countries. However that’s not true. In Italy for example insect larvae is being used to flavor the traditional Sardinian sheep milk cheese.

Dongyang, China

There’s a traditional dish in China called “Virgin boy eggs”. Ok, don’t freak out, it’s not exactly what you think it is. According to this recipe eggs must be boiled in the urine of prepubescent boys (boys that are under 10 years old). According to locals this special dish has many health benefits, which is why it is very common in their country.

Minnesota, USA

Lutefisk is a characteristic food of Minnesota. According to our reliable sources this recipe was brought to the USA by Norwegian immigrants. The latter appears to be white fish soaked in lye with pungent odor. It is distinguishable not only for its taste but also for its weird texture. However it might be a great experience for foreigners.