Travel Tips for When You Travel Alone

Some people are fans of travelling on their own without any companions. But this wish puts them higher up the ladder of at-risk travelers’ categories. But if they avoid some common mistakes there would barely be any problems bothering them when they travel by themselves. Actually, our list of advice is a list of “don’ts” rather than “dos”. So look through our travel tips for when you travel alone and enjoy your time in peace and safety.

Travel Tips for When You Travel Alone

Don’t Arrive at Your Destination After Nightfall

It may sound somewhat difficult to arrange your trip the way you aren’t at your new destination after dark. But in case you really want to avoid troubles finding your accommodation in a new location, it’s more preferable to arrive in the afternoon. It gives you the advantage to change your hotel if you don’t like the one you chose beforehand, and besides this helps you avoid any harassment especially for women. Arriving before nightfall is also good if you need to make some quick purchases, because you’ll find shops open and can navigate quite easily.

Don’t Dress Inappropriately

Some countries require special dress code. So before packing your clothes you had better do some research about the local culture. What seems ok for you may be a taboo in some cultures, especially when it comes to appearance and behavior. So before baring your legs and shoulders take this fact into account. This doesn’t concern only women, men should also be aware of such taboos. What comes to wearing flashy jewelry, it’s again not the best look in a foreign place, because you may attract the local pickpockets.

Don’t Look Too “Tourity”

If you are lost don’t take your map in the middle of the street and begin checking your way. This attracts the attention of muggers who prey on naïve and helpless looking tourists. Act confidently and try to behave like a local. Check your map in a restroom or at a local café and don’t carry your camera and other things in a tourist’s backpack. You can always find a local shopping bag as an alternative to your stylish purse.

Don’t Be Too Friendly

Never tell the locals that you are travelling on your own. Your personal information should be kept to yourself, including the place where you stay. As a rule the swindlers are cunning enough to seem the friendliest of all. Don’t flirt with total strangers, moreover use a cold language and cut them short in order to avoid unwanted consequences.

Don’t Use More Alcohol Than You Can Handle

You have to avoid the exotic food and drinks, which contain strange ingredients and too much alcohol. Beware of accepting drinks from strangers. After all, you aren’t travelling to get drunk and stick around your hotel all the day. There is so much to do and see outside. So drinking responsibly will save your time and energy for a productive day.

Don’t Answer Your Hotel Room Immediately

Anything you do at a strange place should be reasonable enough to keep you away from getting into trouble. So even if you are told that there is the housekeeper or the room service waiting you to open the door, don’t answer without thinking. Call the Reception Desk and find out the reason why someone is at your door.

Don’t Lose Touch With Your Loved Ones

Even if you have decided to travel by yourself, that doesn’t mean you have to lose touch with everyone. Keep in touch with your parents, friends or siblings and tell them about your plans. This is not only good for you, but for them too. Remember that they worry about you, especially in case you are out of phone coverage for hours or even days.