Trips to Luxembourg: The Land of Castles

The land of castles – Luxembourg – is one of the most majestic and magnetic places for tourists. This landlocked country in Western Europe is rich in history, glorious architecture, high art, and beautiful grandeur that traps any visitor and makes you fall in love with this magnificent place. The picturesque views that spread all over the country and the Gothic or Renaissance buildings that tower all way up to the sky are one of the best experiences you might have in your life. Luxembourg – the center of the modern world of politics, being one of the most democratic and loyal places on Earth, is very welcoming and friendly to any visitor. So let us embark on exploring this country and its little or grand treasures!Trips to Luxembourg are like getting lost in the land of castles and pristine nature and below we present the top things to do in Luxembourg to make your stay there unforgettable for the rest of your life!


The Grandeur, Bobby!

One thing Luxembourg is so famous for – its architecture – is an absolute must for any tourist. A literal masterpiece of architecture is Palais Grand-Ducal, the former residence of the royal family, which is now merely a formal reception, thus is not being watched too much. So you can easily visit this amazing building and enjoy the magnitude of the construction, and the royal security will not prevent you from doing so. Another worthwhile experience is the Bock Casemates. The underground tunnels were built in 1644 and enlarged by Vauban 40 years later.


These impressive tunnels won Luxembourg the name of ‘Gibraltar of the North’. The ideal place for historians is the Archeological Crypt, full of history and mystery, which is located in the Bock Promontory – another underground tunnel.  The Holy Tooth and the Holy Ghost Citadel are other amazing historical sights to explore. The latter is currently the heart of the Luxembourgian juridical system. The mystical Spanish Turrets, though still unclear of their purpose, are a great example of a construction that survived more than 3 centuries, and one of the famous Three Towers (the square-shaped one) dates up to the 12th century!

Three Towers Luxemburg

Something that has become the international symbol for Luxembourg is its majestic castles. The Larochette Castle seems to be the most famous one of them. A huge climb awaits you on the way to this beauty, but believe us, your sufferings will be fully rewarded. The lovely gardens, the precious architecture of the Middle Ages that makes you feel like a knight…these ruins are simply stunning. Imagine how fabulous it was once if it’s this amazing now!

Oh, seems like the times of Robin Hood are back… Another astonishing castle is the Bourscheid Castle. This spectacular construction, with its many a dungeons, is not just the dream of a Dungeons & Dragons fan but also an amazing castle. And you should definitely admire the gifted geniuses who created it and the talented people who sensitively renovated it.

Bourscheid Castle

Bourscheid Castle

The minimalistic walls of Chateau de Clervaux welcome all visitors and invite to enjoy their grace. The Chateau de Vianden Castle, surrounded by a pleasant forest, is an actual green paradise, and the Le Chemin de la Corniche Castle with its thorn-like towers shocks anyone who lands foot in here. The Pettingen Castle is also well worth a visit, this hidden gem of Luxembourg, though not renovated, has not lost its beauty over time. And the Beautfort Castle, being one of the most magical and breathtaking constructions in Luxembourg, sure as hell deserves to be called ‘a castle’. This truly royal and majestic place, full of chambers and secrets, is like the Hogwarts – full of mysteries worth of exploring.

Vianden Castle

Vianden Castle

Listen to the Storyteller

Luxembourg is rich in history. The proof of this is the numerous churches, cathedrals, monuments, and memorials of the country. Some of the greatest and most tragic monuments are the German Military Cemetery, and the American Military Cemetery, where the American soldiers that perished in Battle of Bulge are resting. The monument of the Golden Lady is a symbol of regards paid to those Luxembourgers who died in the First World War, and is clearly worth of attention. Luxembourg has a memorial for the Second World War too – it’s the National Monument of Solidarity.

National Monument of Solidarity

National Monument Of Luxembourg

The great poet and the shining mind – Goethe – also has a memorial under his name in Luxembourg. Visit it and look at the work of Albert Kratzenberg – the sculptor who created this monument. This amazing nation even has a monument celebrating the new millennium and it’s called the Monument of the Millennium.  Another highly significant monument to the locals is the monument of Dicks and Lentz – the two poets who wrote the national anthem – that plays a very important part in the country’s culture. Oh, and also, do not miss out on the Lambert Redoubt – an amazing historical sight dating from 17th century.

Monument of the Millennium

Monument of the Millennium

You will get a good portrait of the religious face of the country once you explore the churches and cathedrals. The Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin in Luxembourg City, for instance, is an astonishing example of Gothic architecture containing small elements and details inspired by Renaissance architecture. The Congregation Church, having the richest and heaviest decorations, is another jewel of the city. A good place for pictures, by the way!

An amazing place – the Quirinus Chapel comes from the 13th century, and was first worshipped as a heathen shrine. Later the Romans considered it to be the first Christian sanctuary. And we can clearly see why would they do that and not destroy it. The chapel is a peacefully green paradise inside of which you feel truly blesses.

Quirinus Chapel

Another building filled with history is Abbey of Echternach, which was founded on the old Roman town and bombed during the Second World War. And one more beautiful church –St. John’s Church – is an inspiring building, combining the features of Renaissance and Baroque. The Black Madonna located in the church is also of huge significance and its unusualness is full of sorcery.

Your Majesty, Art

For classics and history head to the National Museum of History and Art, Villa Vaubun or the Luxembourg City History Museum, and for contemporary art go straight to Am Tunnel and MUDAM (Museum of Modern Art Grand-Duc Jean). The Musée Dräi Eechelen provides you with an in-detail outlook of Luxembourgian history. Luxembourg also has many specialty museums such as the Bank Museum. It’s an informative and entertaining museum that could give you a lot of useful knowledge.

National Museum of History and Art

National Museum of History and Art

A little something from the Nazis’ era – the Deportation Memorial – shows what hard times those were for the country and the whole world. The National Museum of Military History is also very exciting, with the rare models and exponents of weaponry. Do visit the wine folklore museum – A Possen.

Other exciting museums include such lovely places like the Museum of Natural History (take your kids here), the Post and Telecommunication Museum (the right place for a journalist), the National Mining Museum (see and appreciate the hard-work), and the Tram and Bus Museum (trainophiles, go ahead!).

More Beauty!

The Adolphe Bridge, Viaduct and Grand Duchesse Charlotte are amazingly picturesque bridges that you should definitely see! Calm down, Hitler’s haters, the bridge is not called after him. Oddly enough, the building of National Archives is not only a historical and political point of huge significance, but also a beautiful and old-fashioned construction. Another great building is the Palace of the Grand Duke. Despite it being fully destroyed by a gunpowder explosion in 1554 it was rebuilt later, and the present version of the building is also very stunning.

Adolphe Bridge

Adolphe Bridge

The spot where many years ago the former church of Saint Nicholas towered now belongs to the building of the Parliament – a construction truly worth of being the residence of the ruling class. The Wenzel Wallis another historical monument reminding of the war. Oh, and do walk around the squares, most importantly the Bourbon Plateau and the William Square. These are probably the best places for a nice family walk.

Parks, Parks, Parks

The Parc Merveilleux – the local zoo – is a great and lovely place for a family pastime. Parc Industriel et Ferroviaire du Fond-de-Gras is one more dream for the trainophiles. Here you can take a ride on diesel rail cars, look at the fascinatingly old engines and explore how mining trains depart.

The Wasserbillig – the aquarium – is another great place to enjoy with your family. Walk along the alleys and discover the amazing and rare species of fish. A little something for the ones, who go green, a spot of natural beauty, is the Mullerthal Trail. The trail will lead you through stunning rock formations. It will leave you wondering if what you just saw truly formed through natural ways. And we assure you, it did. And a fun type of public transportation suitable for everyone except for those who’re afraid of height is the Vianden Chairlift. Take a nice ride with your family or friends, looking at the lovely forest beneath you.

Mullerthal Trail

Mullerthal Trail

Double F

Fun and food! Try the best places to chill and to eat in Luxembourg. If you enjoy old wine caves, visit the St Martin Wine Cellars. Impressive and worth of a real wine connoisseur’s attention! For great nightlife, head to the Bellani Club! For a manly beer drank go to the Big Beer Company and for a nice time, filled with pleasurable dances and enjoyable meetings, visit the Bikini Bar.

Bellani Club

Eating in Luxembourg is pretty expansive but worthy. The Clairefontaine is an unpretentious amazing place. Unpretentious because they don’t need to pretend – the food is anyway godly. La Porte du Bengale is the place to eat superb dishes but with no less superb prices. But there are also plenty of good places to eat for not so much money. Bistro Podenco, in particular, is a great place to catch an amazing selection of tapas with quiet affordable prices.

Take Your Time

Take your time and get a rest! The five star Luxembourgian hotels like Sofitel Luxembourg Le Grand Ducal and Le Royal Hotels and Resorts will provide you with great, comfortable rooms, high-quality spa services, and delicious food. Other, more affordable, places to stay are still very good. A great example is the Ville Haute with medieval walls made of stone and a friendly stuff that will serve you with a smile and be as helpful as they can.

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