Welcome to the Atomium In Brussels

Brussels is like a layered cake of many cultures. And this becomes obvious when you stroll around the districts which can be majestic yet quirky.

Everyone feels the EU prominence in Brussels alongside its international feel due to the massive influx of immigrants. This by the way is not strange for the locals any more. What comes to the visitors it’s not bothering them; moreover, it can be a nice surprise to meet a person from your country by chance. One more thing; you don’t speak French or Flemish. Don’t worry, as neither do many of the shop or restaurant owners.

Welcome to the Atomium In Brussel

There is a long list of tourist attractions in Brussels, but we are to tell you about the Atomium. Once you are in this city, you’ll probably visit some of its world recognized sights, among them Grand Place or Town Hall, finest museums and top-class restaurants. But the building, which embodies the concept of a historical but yet futuristic city, is the Atomium. So welcome to the Atomium in Brussels!

A visit to the capital of Europe isn’t complete if you haven’t seen Atomium. Plan your visit in the morning to avoid long queues and begin your excursion with the top spheres. The museum of Expo 58 is recommended for there is lots of interesting research information.

It may look an irrelevant landmark since many European cities have constructions built for an Expo and kept afterwards, but this one is really impressive from below. If you have a chance to see it on a sunny day, you are lucky, because it looks more stunning in sunny weather.

This construction is far more aesthetically pleasant than some of the other popular attractions. Built for the 1958 World Fair, this structure is more than futuristic. The design replicates the iron-crystal molecule at a magnification of 165 billion times. The steel structure features nine spheres at a diameter of 18 m each, joined with tubes at a diameter of 3 m each. The total height of the building is 102 m.

Peaceful uses of atomic energy are the core idea of the Atomium. There are scientific exhibitions in the building and a panorama-level restaurant in the top sphere. By the way, if you are a dinner guest, you don’t have to pay an entrance fee, but because of its popularity, the reservation should be done beforehand.

Welcome to the Atomium In Brussel

It was built to mention the postwar progress and the demolition of the building was planned beforehand. But after the Fair it became an architectural icon not only in Belgium but also in the world generally. At that time there was not such an abundance of fancy buildings in the world, like it is now. Even without its shiny makeover it still was awesome enough to grab the attention of foreigners.

The Atomium is one of the most recognized symbols of this bureaucratic and self-confident capital.