Welcome to The Warm and Charming Land of Honduras!

Honduras is just unbelievably rich in natural and cultural wonders and all of this you can see at quite affordable prices, which is why it’s suitable for a wide variety of travelers. Any professional visitor to the country will recommend you to have your first stop at the ruins of Copan, once created by Maya Indians, the Caribbean coast of the islands Islas de la Bahia and monsoon forests of Mosquito Coast.

Welcome to The Warm and Charming Land of Honduras

You will have time to see this and much more if you plan to spend a week or two in this small, yet utterly diverse and beautiful country. For the travelers who love adventure, Honduras is one of the best places to visit on the globe. Here you can organize multiple fun activities including rafting, hiking through the jungle, or mountain climbing, biking and walking through national parks, which are considered to be the largest rainforests located to the north of Brazil.

Welcome to The Warm and Charming Land of Honduras

If you are interested in history or culture, then Honduras has something to offer to its guests. The colonial towns such as Santa Rosa de Copan are full of old buildings, which have survived up to these years. Most of them were built in times when Central America was still part of the huge Spanish empire. Well-preserved Mayan ruins at Copan talk about even more ancient pre-Columbian era of the country.

Welcome to The Warm and Charming Land of Honduras

A key aspect of tourism in Honduras is the Island of Roatan. It’s the largest of the islands in the cycle of Islas de la Bahia. Roatan used to be an untouched island paradise some years ago, as for now it’s a regular stopping place for cruise ships that sail through the Caribbean Sea bringing thousands of tourists to this popular place for soaking up the warm sunrays and breathing the fresh sea air.


Roatan and the other islands, including Utila, are surrounded by the largest living coral reef in the world. They serve as a home to a huge number of colorful fish, and numerous plants. So it’s not a big surprise that the scuba diving, swimming and snorkeling are so popular among the tourists visiting Honduras. In each guide of the country you can find a large list of dive sites for beginners and for professionals.

Comayagua is known primarily for its colonial architecture, beautiful parks, one of the oldest cathedrals in Central America, as well as man-made colorful carpets. Another striking example of colonial architecture is the city of El Paraiso, which means “The Paradise” in Spanish, located not far from it.

colorful carpets

The island of Utila is called a Mecca for the fans of hiking with a backpack. Quite cheap scuba rental and low cost of living attract young travelers from all corners of the globe. But it is worth noting that even Utila seems an expensive place compared to the big island. For young travelers looking for an inexpensive vacation, Honduras is the perfect place. Tegucigalpa, San Pedro Sula and other Honduran cities are known for their inexpensive hotels and hostels. Honduras will satisfy the needs of the guests, who do not expect to spend too much money on a short vacation.

Numerous high-end resorts are scattered along the coasts and islands of Roatan, Guanaja, Puerto Cortes, and other towns of the island. For those who like to lie on the sand – Honduras is a real paradise with its white sand beaches, which are generally clean and not crowded.