World’s 10 Most Unique Restaurants You Might Want To Visit

You have got just one chance to live your life as you deserve. So, it’s very important to take as much as possible from life. That’s why people do their best to make their life much more beautiful and interesting traveling throughout the world and experiencing new emotions. So, there are a lot of interesting things to do before you die. For example, visit the most magnificent restaurants and taste their exquisite dishes. Every developed city has a unique place, where you should stop by when visiting. Well, let’s discuss 10 of the most unique restaurants in the world, where you can enjoy your time when travelling.

1. Alcatraz in Tokyo, Japan

You can find one of the most interesting restaurants of the world in the heart of Japan. Alcatraz is a crazy place reminding a prison. At first, you’ll be amazed by the design and aura of the restaurant, but by time you’ll understand that it’s an unmatchable and interesting place, where waitresses are dressed like nurses. What is more interesting, you should give your fingerprints and wear a prison uniform before stepping into the restauranr. Only then you can start your adventure.

Most Unique Restaurants You Might Want To Visit

2. Observatory Restaurant in Johannesburg, South Africa

This restaurant is an amazing place where you can feel yourself as a scientist. The whole restaurant completely functions as an observatory, and that’s why the atmosphere is scientific there. It’s a suitable place to discuss business relations or enjoy the ”Starfull dinner” with your beloved one. By the way, you should know that food there is being in the system of a catering bar, where you can choose the food you want.


Most Unique Restaurants You Might Want To Visit

3. Bed Restaurant in NY, USA

The Bed Restaurant is one of the most comfortable places in NY. You can spend a peaceful time with your close friends or with your lover there. The restaurant is unique with its incredible design, where instead of the chairs you’ll see some comfortable beds. Moreover, the pleasant atmosphere will let you feel comfort and joy.

Most Unique Restaurants You Might Want To Visit

4. Modern Toilet Restaurant in Taiwan

One of the strangest and the funniest restaurants in the world is Modern Toilet Restaurant in Taiwan. Do you agree that the most relaxing place at home is toilet, where you can be alone with your minds? So, it’s the main idea of this restaurant; to make people feel comfortable and relaxed. Moreover, it’s a funny place where you can visit with your friends and have fun with them.

Modern Toilet Restaurant in Taiwan

5. Restaurant De Kas in Amsterdam

It’s one of the nature-made restaurants, where you will taste delicious meals made of fresh vegetables grown at the tables. Therefore, it’s a unique place to escape from all the problems and have a full rest in nature with basically organic foods.

Restaurant De Kas in Amsterdam

6. Dinner in the Sky in Brussels

It’s considered that the food quickly digests in the heights, above the ground. For that reason, the most interesting restaurant of Belgium was created. You can taste a delicious food above the ground, at the height of 50 meters. The lower floor provides the live music by piano, which is located on the ground. The main serving staff consists of three chefs, entertainers and waiters and the whole restaurant weighs almost 2.2 tons.

Dinner in the Sky in Brussels

7. Heart Attack Grill in Phoenix, USA

This is one of the strangest restaurants on Earth due to its unusual menu, where every food is harmful to health. Besides the food, they give you a free set of beer and cigarettes with lunch and dinner. But you’ll visit this unusual place mostly not for eating but the waitresses dressed in sexy nurse outfits. Here everybody tries to eat the largest sandwich in the meal, in order to receive the prize granted by the waitress-nurses.

Heart Attack Grill in Phoenix, USA

8. O’Noir Montreal

Another interesting place you can visit is O’Noir Montreal in Canada, where everything lighting is prohibited. Even the furniture of restaurant is completely made of dark color. Thus, your mobile phones or your cigarette lighters will be banned there due to their conditions. If you’re interested in this type of restaurant, you can find similar ones in France, Canada, Britain, Germany, USA, Australia, Russia and China.

O’Noir Montreal in Canada

9. Kinderkookcafe in Amsterdam

It’s not a secret, that everything made by the hands of children are more delicious and pleasant, because children always do everything honestly. That’s why the Kinderkookcafe in Amsterdam has such a great reputation. You will taste food made by mostly teenagers with a little help of world famous chefs.

Kinderkookcafe in Amsterdam

10. Baggers Restaurant in Nuremberg

This interesting restaurant is a nice place especially for friends and families. It differs from the other restaurants with its unique technology. You won’t see there any waiters. Everything you want, you can order by the large touch-screens and your order will reach you automatically through a special robot-device.

Baggers Restaurant in Nuremberg